Butterfly Hair Clips: 5 Best Hair Clips In 2024

Butterfly Hair clips used to be simply another nostalgic artifact from the 1990s, something you may discover hidden away in a box of childhood memories. But now it’s back, this butterfly madness. Butterfly clips give every haircut a whimsical and colorful flash of color. You’re in luck if this is your style since we’ve chosen the best butterfly hair clips specifically for you.

We especially love the EAONE Butterfly Hair Clips because of their long-lasting substance, softness on hair, and assortment of colors!

We include options such as gold clips, vibrant flower clips, and claw clips if you’re looking to explore various hair accessories that are both stylish and useful.

👉 How to Wear the Traditional Butterfly Hair Clip:

Most of us remember butterfly clips from the nineties with smaller, plastic versions that are available in a wide variety of colors and can even be purchased in large quantities. These clips are similar to those on our list of the finest butterfly clips ever. Butterfly clips can be worn in so many different ways overall, but there are two main methods to style this kind of clip:

  • Traditional 90’s clip-back: The haircut from the 1990s is perfect. These little butterfly clips work well for holding back little portions of hair, but they can’t hold as much hair as a claw clip. Still, they keep your hair out of your face. This was my go-to style while growing my bangs, and it works nicely for oily hair days, too!
  • Decorative add-ons: Butterfly clips are delightful because they make it so simple to add a pop of color and unique flair to your ensemble. Butterfly clips add intrigue to your hair, no matter how you wear it—whether it’s down all the way or up in space buns—and need very little work on your part.

👉 Types of Butterfly Hair Clips:

There are three sizes available for butterfly hair clips: small, mini, and medium. Although they’re mostly used for hair adornment, they’re not as big as other claw clips, but it doesn’t mean they don’t hold your hair back. The appropriate material for you will depend on your intended look, hair kind, and style.

They can be made of metal, plastic, or resin. As an example, a metal clip might be preferable if your hair is coarser because it holds hair in place better. If your personal style leans heavily toward the 90s or Y2K, you could prefer a resin or plastic clip for authenticity. Additionally, sparkly clips could be your thing if you want to go for an extremely ornate look like certain TikTok cosmetic artists.

👉 Comparing 2024’s Top Butterfly Hair Clips:

1. Eaone Butterfly Hair Clips:

A strong grip allows the Eaone butterfly hair clip to hold hair in place for everyday styling. It’s easy to open and perfect for dressing up any outfit. These clips are made of high-quality, long-lasting plastic that resists rust. They are available in matte, translucent, jelly, and gradient hues to match a variety of clothes and hair styling requirements. These butterfly hair clips took the top rank on our list because to its high-quality non-slip material and simple to open metal spring.

2. Boao Butterfly Hair Clips:

The Boao glitter butterfly clips are a must-have for the hair accessories of every stylish woman. Vibrant hues in their imaginative design give your hair more style and vibrancy. To create a realistic butterfly effect, the wings are made of cloth and the body of the butterfly is constructed of alloy.

The wings are made of incredibly sturdy, lightweight fabric that is not readily damaged. These butterfly clips are available in a variety of styles to accommodate a range of events and attire.

3. Bantoye Butterfly Hair Clips:

The Bantoye butterfly hair clips are quite affordable, coming in a bundle of 100 pieces in a variety of colors. For special events where an extra pop of color is required, you can use them to adorn little areas of your hair. Resin is a synthetic material that is extremely durable and gives them a robust finish.

For a snug fit, the resin composition also gives your hair a solid hold. Because of how efficiently the jaws interlock, hair stays in place and you may style it however you choose.

4. Xiehe Butterfly Hair Clips:

The Xiehe small butterfly hair clip set matches with any clothing because it comes in a variety of lovely hues. Every kind of hairdo may look more beautiful with these hair clips, which are shaped like the wings of a monarch butterfly.

Made of premium plastic, they have a metallic spring to give your hair a solid hold and a pop of color. No matter what part of your hair you use them to highlight—your braid or any other—they will make you stand out in a crowd.

5. Tiweio Butterfly Hair Clip:

To create a pastel color finish, Tiweio butterfly hair clips are crafted from premium resin and powdered pigment. Because pastel hues are bound with resin and do not pose a health risk, they do not fade readily. Their vivid gradient hues go well with every ensemble.

The wings of these exquisitely crafted hair clips are connected by a metallic body, giving them strength. They can easily hold a large portion of hair because to their 1.2-inch wide opening mouth.

👉 How to Style Cotton Butterfly Hair Clips:

The aluminum body of certain hair clips of butterflies has paper cotton wings connected to it. Compared to the conventional butterfly clips above, they are more “new-wave” in style and are designed to look more lifelike.

These clips are still rather strong, but because of their different type of closure—a barrette as opposed to a claw clip—they are usually worn as hair ornaments rather than as useful clips. Because of this, styling these clips best frequently looks like this:

Decorative add-on: While these clips don’t usually perform as well as a claw butterfly clip, they nonetheless provide flair. My favorite method to wear them is for weddings; the bohemian vibe of the cotton butterfly clips is well complemented by wavy hair fashioned in bohemian braids.

👉 The Amazing Butterfly Hair clip to make an Impact:

You may create styles that are unique to you because there are a plethora of butterfly clip types and styling options available. There are various alternatives available for the color and finish of these butterfly clips, for example:

  • Gradient.
  • Gradient Jelly.
  • Sparkle.
  • Matte.
  • Neutral.

It’s important to remember that your entire appearance could be altered by the hairdo you choose to wear beneath your butterfly clips. Butterfly clips appear lovely when worn half up, half down, but quite bohemian when braided. The key is personalization.

👉 Most Common Hairstyles to Wear with Butterfly Clips:

Just as there are numerous kinds of clips, there are numerous designs you can pair them with. For more details, you can consult the following list:

  • Braids: Butterfly clips may provide a playful and vibrant touch to your braids, whether you wear your hair in two French braids down the sides of your head or one large braid. Using any kind of cornrow, you may achieve a similar effect by placing the clips throughout the braid’s ends or at the top, closest to your scalp.
  • Curly Hair: Curly haired persons can experiment with securing twists or braids at the front of their hair, or they can just clip their bangs or front portions out of their faces. A curly updo might also look better with butterfly clips added.
  • Bangs: Butterfly clips are great for some people to wear as a way to decorate their bangs, while others choose to use them to clip their bangs back.
  • Half Up: The more contemporary option is to just clip back a few bits of hair, but the traditional nineties appearance is to use butterfly clips to clip back the front sections of your hair. It’s also quite typical to omit a few face-framing elements. Indeed, short hair looks well in these styles as well!

👉 Conclusion:

To sum up, butterfly hair clips will always be the best accessory in 2024. These clips elegantly enhance any hairdo, whether it’s a formal or casual ensemble, with their ageless beauty and adaptable utility. Adorn your hair with these stylish and useful accessories to follow the trend and give your appearance a dash of whimsy and grace.

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