How to fix “Your organization’s data cannot be pasted here”?

👉 Where and why does the error occur?

Employees are permitted to bring their own devices to work with a BYOD policy. This is common in many firms. This might be a personal laptop or a mobile device. Microsoft has developed a solution called Microsoft Intune that controls user access and personal devices used for work-related activities in order to protect the privacy of an organization’s data.
The Microsoft Intune Policy Management forbids or restricts cutting, copying, and pasting from Outlook or any other program used for work-related tasks into unapproved applications, like personal email or social networking accounts on your tablet or smartphone. You receive an error message stating that data from your organization is not copy able.
The app where you want to paste the content will not enable copy and paste due to the mistake. Until the Intune setting that prohibits copy and paste is changed to allow copy and paste on third-party programs, it cannot be copied.
It might be really unpleasant when you find that the policy prevents you from capturing screenshots of videos on your device or copying text from personal email accounts.
You will need to change the policy to allow cut, copy, and paste on some of the other programs on your device in order to stop Microsoft Intune from preventing you from doing so when using a Mac or Windows computer.


👉 Outlook’s role in Microsoft Intune Policy:

The scenarios listed below show when you can’t copy, cut, and paste data from your Outlook account to another program because of Microsoft Intune Policy. The following parameters are accessible in Intune.

1. Intune Blocked:

Using this option will stop or restrict copying, cutting, and pasting data between Intune apps and other applications on your device.

2. Policy Managed Applications:

Copy, cut, and paste between this app and any other installed policy-managed apps by using this option.

3. Policy Managed with Paste in:

The capability allows data to be copied or cut across programs that are managed by policies, as well as pasted from non-policy managed apps into policy-managed apps, but not the other way around.

4. Any Apps:

Cutting, copying, and pasting content between apps is not subject to any restrictions.
Using any of these techniques, users can’t copy and paste data into the Microsoft Outlook client because of the Intune application. There are those who take screen shots when using Microsoft Outlook.
End users’ ability to resolve this issue is limited once the device has been registered under the corporate Intune policy. This policy was most likely developed by your organization to prevent you from using company email credentials to set up Outlook, OneDrive, or other Office applications and from copying or leaking business data.
I’ll go over a few quick solutions for the “Your Organization’s Data Cannot be Paste Here” problem in the next section.


👉 Reconfiguring Microsoft Intune Policy in Outlook in a step-by-step solution:

Your Organizations Data cannot be Pasted here


To fix the error message you’re seeing on your Windows 11 or Windows 10 operating system (PC or laptop), you can try some of the fixes listed below.
Please note that the purpose of these instructions is to remove restrictions on your personal and non-work related apps that are not required to be covered by the organization’s security policy, not to override it.

1. Modify the Microsoft Intune App Protection Policy as follows:

These instructions can help you recover data that was restricted by Microsoft Intune and that you were unable to cut, copy, or paste.
View the dashboard that comes with Microsoft Intune.
You can access the client applications by navigating to the left side of the dashboard.
Navigate to the App protection policies section from the Client apps screen’s left-hand navigation pane.
By selecting the “Create Policy” button, you can start a new policy. Alternately, you can choose an existing policy from the list of policies and make updates to it. The relevant policy must then be clicked.
To develop new policies, more data, like the platform, might be required.
The Settings menu contains this capability. Afterwards, locate it in the ‘Data Transfer’ section after seeing it under the ‘Data Protection’ submenu.
Proceed to the ‘Data Transfer’ section and modify the policy to limit cut, copy, and paste in a way that suits your requirements.
To save the policy, you must click the “OK” button.
Once this is done, you should to be able to move data between programs. How you previously changed the configuration of your policy will determine your capacity to do so. You would have to assign a new policy you created within Microsoft Intune. Additionally, you should examine if the app has received the most current update if you are still having problems.

2. Handle Office suite updates manually:

Updating your Office suite manually is another way to solve the issue. You might not be able to copy and paste data across older Office suite versions due to an organization’s policy. You can rule out this possibility by updating Office manually. You can accomplish this process with both your desktop PC running Windows 11/10 and your mobile device running iOS or Android.

3. After making some edits, save the document:

Make certain adjustments to a new file in order to fix the issue. For example, open a new Excel worksheet. After typing some text into one of the cells, add any color to the remaining vacant spaces. You then need to press the window close button. When asked whether you want to save the file, answer “Yes.”
Check to see whether any modifications have been made to the file you just saved. Checking to see whether you can now copy and paste the information from your company into it would be helpful. If the problem persists, you ought to save your work. Step away from the program and give it a half-minute. Attempt to copy and paste your data into the file that is giving you trouble.
You can attempt copying data from another Office application if the problem arises in one of your Office programs. Take some data and copy it from Word to Outlook, for instance. After that, observe if it pastes correctly.

4. For Android:

If you have an issue where data from an organization is not pasted here, long-press the region of the screen on an Android device. Next, select “Paste” from the context menu that shows up. The data that appears on the screen cannot be copied and pasted.
The message “Your data cannot be put here” that appears when using Google Keyboard is typically only a suggestion from G-board. If you touch the screen for a longer duration of time, you will be able to resolve the data issue.
This issue stems from a special feature in Microsoft Intune Policy Management (MIPM) that forbids users from duplicating data for security purposes. This indicates that the application you are attempting to duplicate must comply with the Microsoft Intune Policy.
However, there are conditions in which the error could happen even when uploading data to an approved app. If so, the issue can be caused by an outdated version of the Office or Outlook software on your device.


👉 Why is it that your company won’t let you use any content relating to your work on the website?

WIP is enabled by default for Microsoft 365 Business customers. This proves that data classified as “personal” and “business” are now two different categories. Information derived via “corporate” software programs, such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, is referred to as “corporate data.” All other types of data are regarded as personal data, including PDFs, files accessed through network shares, and local files.
The message stating the organization’s data cannot be pasted here may originate from Android and iOS devices (iPhone and iPad). In essence, Outlook has put this limitation in place to stop other programs from accessing private data. This alert will keep popping up if you try to move files from the Microsoft Outlook application.
Changes to the app configuration are permitted by Microsoft Intune Policy Management if it appears that the data is owned by your company. Because of this, some apps can copy, cut, and paste content from Microsoft programs. We need to take each of these actions in order to fix this problem.


👉 Conclusion:

With this error message, you may now simply resolve the issue. Should an issue occur, you will need to quickly correct it, save the file, and then close it. Reopen it after that, and then paste your data inside. To select “Paste,” press and hold the relevant area on the screen. The paste menu will appear as a result. If the issue continues, speak with your computer system administrator.

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