Neptune Gum Reviews: Is This Gum Really Effective?

Neptune Gum , Our kidneys and jaws have not been treated kindly by modern living. Our digestive systems are being compromised by processed foods and other lifestyle modifications, and the absence of natural function in our jaws is causing them to weaken.

Although diet and mewing practice provide significant advantages, several goods assert to boost up their effects. Neptune Gum is one such product. With its audacious marketing claims, this mastic gum has garnered positive reviews. Can it really deliver, though? I made the decision to try it, and the results are shown in this review.

πŸ‘‰ What is Neptune Gum?

Neptune Gum provides a high-quality, albeit pricey, alternative for people looking to benefit from mastic gum. Most people with digestive problems or weak jaws find it to be an appealing option due to its natural ingredients and specific health benefits.

The resin of the mastic tree, a tree typical to the Middle East and Mediterranean, is the source of mastic gums. Mastic gum has been chewed for thousands of years due to its many health advantages. Neptune Gum is distinct from other mastic gums due to its thorough manufacturing and purity.

Natural mastic resin is the main component of Neptune Gum. The gum also doesn’t contain any sugar, aspartame, or gluten. The firm that makes Neptune Gum, IFF, also produces a wide range of high-quality taste and aroma products. The company specializes in acquiring ingredients, therefore even if Neptune Gum is the only gum they offer, the quality of the components is excellent.

Restoring gut health with Neptune Gum can result in calmer digestion and cleaner skin. Because the mastic resin has to be cleaned, sorted, and processed, it costs more than ordinary gum.

Neptune Gum is particularly useful for those who have digestion problems and prefer natural elements in their food. Chewing gum on a daily basis strengthens your jaw muscles, therefore it’s also a great addition to your mewing workouts.

Neptune Gum must be used consistently for at least two weeks in order to start showing results. After this period, at least according to my research and experience, some symptoms including weakness in the jaw, skin blemishes, and discomfort in the stomach start to get better.

πŸ‘‰ Is Neptune Gum Legit?

Neptune Gum is a real product, yes. Since ancient Greece, mastic gum has been known for its therapeutic qualities, which include improving digestive and oral health. These assertions are supported by current scientific studies, especially when it comes to gut health.

For example, this 2012 study concludes that the use and advantages of mastic gum have been validated by contemporary research by citing numerous other recent studies. I can vouch for the widespread expert opinion regarding the health advantages of mastic gum as an orthodontist who stays current with advancements in this sector.

Chewing gum engages your jaw muscles, which is essentially good for the growth of your jaw. Any gum, even mastic gums, will support the growth of the muscles in your face and jaw. But, in order to guarantee that everything develops the way you want, you must combine it with particular mewing activities to get the desired facial form.

Therefore, why not also enhance your gut health if you are chewing gum for stomach benefits? That’s why Neptune Gum was created. Its manufacturing technique and ingredients give it credibility.

πŸ‘‰ Does Neptune Gum Work?

Yes, Neptune Gum is effective, especially for strengthening the jaw and for enhancing intestinal health. Just be aware that you may need to chew Neptune Gum up to three times a day for at least five to ten minutes each time. More often than not, the flavor will linger for 30 to 60 minutes, depending on how you chew.

The gut microbiome is a complex ecology of microorganisms that regulates your gut health. Irritable bowel syndrome, obesity, and even mental health problems can be caused by an imbalance in this ecosystem. Antibiotics, processed diets, and sedentary lifestyles are frequently linked to this imbalance.

Natural mastic resin, which possesses antibacterial qualities, is a component of Neptune Gum. This enhances digestion and the general health of your gut by reestablishing the microbial balance in your system. My own experience confirms these results; after using Neptune Gum, I was able to digest and absorb food more effectively.

Regarding the health of the jaw, decreased natural actions such as grinding and chewing lead to the weakening of the jaw muscles. Jaw muscle atrophy results from decreased masticatory function. Chewing gum causes these muscles to contract, preventing atrophy.

All things considered, Neptune Gum provides a fulfilling experience with favorable user reviews. It’s important to remember, though, that extended chewing sessions can cause jaw fatigue, underscoring the significance of moderation.

πŸ‘‰ Where Can I Buy Neptune Gum?

Buying Neptune gum directly from the manufacturer’s website is the simplest method. Their product line is available on the official Neptune Gum website. Numerous alternatives for purchasing are available on the internet, including single packs, multi-packs, and even subscription services for frequent deliveries.

The manufacturer’s website has the best prices and discounts, along with quick shipment and a satisfaction guarantee of 100%. Although Neptune Gum may be purchased on other online marketplaces such as Amazon, my research indicates that purchasing straight from the manufacturer offers more savings and better rates.

πŸ‘‰ How Long Does Gum Take to Ship?

The company provides several shipping choices, each with an anticipated time of arrival. Orders above forty dollars qualify for free 4–7 day USPS shipping. UPS will deliver your gum within the same 4–7 day window if your order totals $50 or more. There is no additional cost. For an extra cost that is computed at checkout, both UPS and USPS offer expedited 1-3 day shipping if you need it quickly.

All orders will be processed by Neptune Gum within 24 to 48 hours. Orders are typically shipped out for delivery within 24 hours of business. Remember that these are only approximations.

πŸ‘‰ Neptune Gum Review Summary:

Evaluation AspectRatingComment
Customer Experience4/5Neptune Gum offers a generally satisfying experience for the user. Some people, meanwhile, don’t like the taste.
Feedback4/5The overwhelming majority of customer feedback is good, particularly when it comes to jaw strength and intestinal health.
Brand5/5A respectable business that specializes in taste and aroma items makes Neptune Gum.
Durability4/5The gum maintains its texture and flavor for 30 minutes to an hour, which is good but not exceptional.

πŸ‘‰ Neptune Gum Benefits:

1. Neptune Gum Improves Dental Health:

Chewing Neptune Gum aids in cleaning your teeth. The gum’s natural mastic resin combats the microorganisms that cause gum disease and cavities. Saliva is produced as you eat, automatically cleaning your mouth and strengthening your teeth. Naturally, bruxism, or excessive nighttime chewing, can be harmful to teeth. That’s why you should follow the advice on using night guards from dentists’ perspective.

2. Neptune Gum Manages Cholesterol and Blood Sugar:

The main component of Neptune Gum, mastic resin, has been shown to help control blood sugar and cholesterol levels. This gum can be used as an additional component of a wellness program designed to manage these important variables.

3. Neptune Gum Effects against Helicobacter Pylori Bacteria:

The ability of Neptune Gum to effectively combat the Helicobacter pylori bacteria is one of its most notable advantages. Gastric ulcers are frequently caused by this bacteria. Chewing this gum lowers your chance of developing ulcers by preventing the growth of this bacteria.

4. Neptune Gum Assists in Ulcer Treatment:

A sore that develops on the stomach’s lining is called an ulcer. It happens when the mucosal layer is harmed by stomach acid, leaving an open wound. For those who have ulcers, Neptune Gum can aid in the healing process. Stomach ulcer size and pain can be lessened by the mastic resin’s natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

5. Neptune Gum Potentially Fights Cancer:

Mastic resin may have some anti-cancer qualities, but it is not a cure for the disease. It’s possible that Neptune Gum’s antioxidants will stop cancer cells from growing. For cancer treatment, however, medical professionals must be consulted.
β€œThe MTT results revealed that cancer cells were killed by the mastic gum resin in a dose- and time-dependent manner at concentrations ranging from 0.01 to 100 ΞΌM.” – Heshu Sulaiman Rahman

6. Neptune Gum Improves Facial Features:

Unattractive face characteristics can be improved with the use of Neptune gum. Gum chewing exercises and tones the jaw and face muscles. When combined with mewing exercises, this gum is a great place to start for people who want to change the shape of their face. Based on my own experience, mewing together with Neptune Gum has enhanced face symmetry and defined the jawline.

πŸ‘‰ Neptune Gum Results – Before and After:

πŸ‘‰ The Side Effects of Neptune Gum: Are There Any Drawbacks?

Side EffectFrequencySymptomsSeverity
ConstipationRareDifficult bowel movementMild
HeadacheRareMild to moderate head painMild to Moderate
DizzinessRareLoss of balanceMild
Upset StomachRareNausea, discomfortMild
NauseaRareThe feeling of needing to vomitMild
DiarrheaRareLoose, watery stoolsMild
Furthermore, mastic gum allergies can also occur in people with allergies to plants such as Schinus, terebinthifolious or Pistacia species. Neptune Gum should not be used by women who are nursing or pregnant.

πŸ‘‰ The Flavor of Gum: How Does It Taste?

Neptune gum requires a taste that must be acquired. I was not familiar with the earthy and natural flavors at first. However, after a few applications, the gum’s flavor began to grow on me, much like a complex wine or a creamy cheese. Now that I think about it, I find it rather original.
Regarding the flavor of Neptune Gum, I’ve read a variety of viewpoints. Some people characterize it as having a tinge of sweetness and a faint piney flavor. Some find it more earthy, like the sap from trees. A pinecone-like flavor gradually takes over from an initial bitterness, according to one Amazon customer.
Of fact, others say the flavor is like “dirt.” Although I’m not sure I agree with this evaluation, it’s important to realize that not everyone will enjoy the distinct flavor of Neptune Gum. You’ll have to experiment on your own because it comes down to personal preference.

πŸ‘‰ Neptune Gum Alternatives:

From mewing exercises to face fitness equipment, there are numerous strategies to guarantee an appealing side profile. They can all cooperate to make you appear more appealing.
You should investigate various mastic gums as Neptune gum substitutes because their efficacy can vary depending on a number of factors, including ingredients, toughness, cost, and other factors. I’ve reviewed a few of the top chewing gums for jawlines below.

1. Jawliner:

Ten times harder than ordinary gum, Jawliner Mastic Gum is marketed as a jawline exerciser. Your masseter muscles will get a harder workout from this enhanced hardness. The greatest chewing gum for toning and strengthening the muscles in your face, neck, and jaw is Jawliner, as I have noted in my review.
The pricing (Neptune is a little less expensive at the time this article is written) and taste are the only significant variations from Neptune Gum. I think Jawliner tastes better, although that could just be personal taste. The usage period is another little distinction; I discovered that Neptune gum lasts a little bit longer.
Jawliner looks to be a superior alternative if you’re seeking for a more intensive jaw workout. If you would prefer a less strenuous workout with added health advantages, Neptune Gum is a viable option.

2. Rockjaw Gum:

The purpose of Rockjaw Gum is to improve dental health and the jawline in particular. Because it is ten times more durable than ordinary gum, it is an excellent tool for strengthening the masseter muscles. Every review of Rockjaw chewing gum highlights its special ability to be stacked, which allows you to chew several pieces at once to increase the intensity of your workout. Because it is sugar-free and natural, Rockjaw Gum is more appealing to people who are concerned about their oral health.
However, Neptune Gum promises to enhance gut health while simultaneously sculpting your jawline. Compared to Rockjaw, this gum is less intense for muscular training because it is only five times stronger than conventional gum. Neptune Gum is touted as reusable since it degrades more slowly than Rockjaw. It also provides advantages for dental health, including as bacterial and plaque reduction.
Rockjaw Gum is a superior choice if you want to work your jaw more intensely. Neptune Gum has additional health advantages and is a gentler exercise option. It is definitely worth checking out.

3. Falim Gum:

Falim Gum is renowned for being extremely hard, offering significant resistance to help build stronger jaw muscles. Its cost is one of its main benefits. Nevertheless, I discovered throughout my evaluation of Falim chewing gum that it contains certain artificial chemicals and loses flavor more quickly, which could put off some consumers. It also doesn’t have Neptune Gum’s broader health advantages.
Five times powerful than regular gum, Neptune Gum is a more expensive choice that also has other health advantages. The gum is reusable and made from the sap of a rare Mediterranean tree, which is said to provide advantages for oral health including reducing bacteria and preventing plaque.
Falim Gum is a better option if you’re on a tight budget and want to develop your jaw muscles harder. On the other hand, Neptune Gum provides a more comprehensive solution if you’re looking for additional health advantages in addition to stronger jaw muscles.

πŸ‘‰ Conclusion:

Lastly, opinions about Neptune Gum are mixed. Its long-lasting chew and refreshing flavor have won over some consumers, but others are still dubious about its ability to improve dental health. In the end, every person’s experience is unique. For individualized advice, speak with dental specialists as you would with any product.

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