Hair Clip: 10 Best Hair Clips in 2024

Hair clip are essential hairstyling items that not only have a practical use but also give your look a stylish touch. The hair clip market has changed as we approach 2024, providing a wide range of looks, materials, and patterns to fit every preference and situation. An attractive up do or a carefree yet put-together appearance can be readily elevated with the correct hair clip. Let’s examine the ten most fashionable hair clips that will be big in 2024.

👉 Which Hair Clip are best?

If you’ve ever had long hair, you are aware of its potential for confusion. Brushing, shampooing, and conditioning hair may be time-consuming hassles; some days, trying to style it is even more difficult. You can easily keep hair out of the way and reduce damage by using hair clips. Hair clip come in a variety of forms, each with unique applications, styles, hues, and finishes.

👉 What to know before you buy a Hair Clip?

1. Hair clip types:

Hair clips come in a variety of forms, but the following six are the most popular:

  • Banana clips: Contain two sides that slide apart to expose teeth in the middle before closing to encircle your hair. Large volumes of hair are best pulled back with them while leaving it down.
  • Claw clips: Two sets of teeth on claw clips close on a hinge. They work well for gathering hair as well, but more so for a bun than for leaving it down.
  • Comb clips: Since comb clips don’t work well for holding hair back in positions other than sedentary ones, they are mostly used for aesthetic purposes.
  • Hinged barrette clips: Hinged barrette clips have a flat back that faces outward and close over a tiny volume of hair. Claws and these are comparable, but the emphasis is more on style.
  • Mini clips: Mini clips are really very tiny versions of claw clips. Because of their size, their primary purpose is ornamentation rather than use. They’re fantastic for kids.
  • Snap clips: Snap clips hold back hair while retaining it as close to the skull as feasible. They are best suited for tiny children and are often compact and straightforward.

👉 10 Best Hair Clip :

1. Faelbaty – Butterfly Claw Clips:

The Faelbaty – Butterfly Claw Clips are our top pick for thick hair due of their long, wide, curved design that securely holds up full hairstyles without being uncomfortable or painful for the scalp. Each claw has tapering edges and measures 5.25 inches long by 1.5 inches wide. It also fits hairstyles like buns or half-ups with ease. It’s our second largest claw after the Kov Essentials claw, but it’s sleeker and more understated with its butterfly shape.
The durable acrylic substance used to make the Faelbaty claws allowed them to pass all of our stringent testing procedures without breaking or cracking. It performed admirably against the toughest claws, such as the cellulose acetate-based Kov or Camila. Even after we tried prying it open, twisted the prongs back and forth, and flung the claws on wooden floors, it remained unbroken.

2. Kov Essentials – Daily Clip in Extra Large:

Among the most well-liked claw clips we analyzed, the Kov Essentials – Daily Clip is the largest (1.5 x 5.25 inches). Since it has an open rectangle form, the Kov Essentials is bigger than the Faelbaty clips.
We were amazed by the package’s size when we initially opened it and delighted at how nicely it fit all of our hair. The Kov Essentials clip made styling our thick hair the easiest because we could easily open the claw and grip it onto the twisted bun.

3. Camila Paris – AD718:

One of the priciest claw clips we reviewed, the Camila Paris AD718 has an octopus-inspired design. Because of its spherical shape, the body has extra-long prongs that overlap to firmly keep the hair in place. Additionally, each prong has additional tines for increased grip.
Our hands hurt when we tried to test the durability of the Camila claw’s springs, which are among the strongest we’ve ever tested. This claw held up well when bent, twisted, and thrown despite being composed of plastic. Unfortunately, Camila Paris doesn’t identify the substance, however it feels like a solid plastic material.

4. Tocess – Big Hair Claw Clips:

Among the most reasonably priced clips we evaluated, Tocess – Big Hair Claw Clips is one of the more well-known brands we’ve tried. At retail, these clips cost approximately $2.50 apiece and come in a bundle of four. Choose from a variety of colors, we went with a vibrant matte set that we’ve used in several TikTok videos and online articles.
Each 4.25-inch long claw has a classic claw shape, similar to the Revlon clips, with the body mostly composed of curving prongs—imagine the claw clips from the 1990s. These clips feel more durable than the claw clips from the past, with their matte coatings that cling to hair even more and their taut springs that provide firm grips over it.

5. Canitor – Rectangle Claw Clips:

Another classic rectangle shape, the Canitor – Rectangle Claw Clips, is four inches long and can accommodate most hair types with some adjusting. However, violent head motions cause it to swiftly loosen and come off.
If you don’t move much and need to get your hair out of your face, this is still a viable option. Additionally, hair buns can be held up and prevented from unraveling with ease by the Canitor claws. Though it’s not a great idea to bring this to the gym, it works well for short errands.

6. Teleties – Large Hair Clip:

When we first saw multiple TikTok user videos showing the Teleties – Large Hair Clip’s endurance, we were eager to test it out. In these films, people are seen driving over a Teleties claw clip—with a car!—and they manage to survive with ease. According to Teleties, the nylon in their products is designed to stretch and bend with regular use.
When we began our durability tests, the Teleties clip broke after the first toss, which disappointed us! We were really aback by how quickly this pricey and well-made claw clip broke because we had expected it to last longer. Fortunately, it passed our second throw test and we were given a free replacement.

7. Bouniq – Mini Claw:

At $3.25 a clip, the Bouniq – Mini Claw clips are competitively priced and come in a bundle of four. These are perfect for little buns or half updos to keep your hair out of your face, but they are too small to fit all of our thick hair at once. They have a special design with slanted prongs that better retain your hair at an angle when worn.
Similar to Textenation clips, Bouniq clips are made of cellulose acetate resin and have passed all of our durability testing. They are also incredibly sturdy. We tried to pry apart the claws, checked the spring fifty times, flung the clips on the floor many times, and twisted them back and forth, but none of them broke. In none of these experiments did we see any bending of the prongs.

8. Textenation – Tortoise Shell Jaw Clips:

The extra-long, overlapping tines of the Textenation – Tortoise Shell Jaw Clips give them a unique shape compared to other brands I’ve seen. This claw clip, which is composed of cellulose acetate, is incredibly robust and passed every test we ran on it. Since cellulose acetate is considered to be more flexible, we saw that the Textenation clip was easily bent open, twisted back and forth, and sprang open and closed several times without breaking during our tests.
Unfortunately, a complete head of thick hair fell out of the use testing because to the longer, overlapping tines; this kind of claw works best for half-up hairstyles or buns.

9. Kitsch – Metal Hair Clip:

For thick hair, the Kitsch – Metal Hair Clip is far too little in both length and prong size. Even while it quickly passed our durability tests and is really well-made, using it on our thick, wavy hair proved to be challenging. We could only use the Kitsch for half-up styles because it was just three inches long, and after ten minutes of walking around, the weight of the metal would finally cause it to slip.
Although it looks good, the metal spring’s looseness made it insufficient to hold thick hair together when the clip was heavy. Sometimes, in order to fully fasten the claw to our hair, we had to push the prongs over it; this often resulted in the claw opening quickly because of the loose spring.

10. Revlon – Strong Hold:

The Revlon – Strong Hold hair clips are composed of plastic and have two layers of prongs. With a length of three inches, they are the smallest clips that we examined. We wanted to evaluate how well Revlon hair products stood up against our thick and coarse hair after using them for more than 30 years.
Initially, we were drawn to the second set of prongs since they were meant to maintain a tighter hold on the hair. Although our hair looked great when half-up, we discovered that these clips were unable to support our entire head of hair at once. The clips were too flimsy to accommodate all of our hair. Our hair hurt and was too tight when we wore our hair in a bun.

👉 Important Features to consider:

1. Design:

Remembering aesthetics is crucial. Claw clips are available in an array of sizes, shapes, hues, and designs. Claw clip designs are really diverse, and we were able to locate a lot of looks that work well with thick hair. As an illustration, some common shapes are the octopus, butterfly, and rectangle shapes.
Rectangular clips hold hair in place with their open centers and rectangular sides. Butterfly clips feature slightly curved lines where the tines grasp the hair and a loop in the center for the spring. Because of their flattened appearance, octopus-shaped clips generally keep the hair in a curved bun with their extra-long, overlapping prongs.

2. Material & build quality:

We were aware of the short lifespan of plastic claw clips as children as we were accustomed to them. More resilient materials are now accessible, such as celluloid acetate and acrylic. The latter is a solid substance with a long history of sustainability that can bend without breaking. Breakdown of cellulose acetate yields cellulose and acetic acid. The amount of pressure and twisting we could apply to these claw clips without them breaking astonished us much.
The strength of the spring is an additional factor. Claw clips that are more difficult to open and close will hold onto your hair better and grip it for longer.

3. Size:

When you have thick hair, it’s crucial to take the claw size into account. Of course, longer or larger clips can accommodate more hair. Claw clips at least four inches long are what we recommend for holding up a full head of hair. Remember the size of the tines or prongs as well. Similar to the Camila clip, the longer the tines, the better the grip.

👉 Conclusion:

The world of hair clips is constantly changing as we start a new year, with a wide range of looks and patterns to fit every preference and situation. The top 10 hair clips of 2024 are composed of pearl-encrusted clips and statement hair chains that exude flair, refinement, and adaptability. These hair clips will provide a glamorous and elegant touch to your hairdo, regardless of whether you’re going for a classic appearance or daring new trends.

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